See what our customers are saying!

"I would like to thank you so much for your generous and courteous customer service!! I haven't been treated that nicely from a company in a long time. I called because I received an incorrect glass topper for a warmer I bought at another place that you only sell your Scentchips at and you all were more than happy to help me. I received my new glass topper today with a beautiful sample of chips. I can not say THANK YOU enough. I sincerely appreciate all your help!!"

Thank you again,

"Hi Ms. Clark,

I did not receive the replacement, but everything has been so hectic, I totally understand and just wanted to give a heads up.

Yeah the flood hit us all pretty hard. My family had 7 inches of water in the house and we are still working on the clean up. I may have to order more lamps to help return everything to that homey feeling. :) My uncle got a pecan tree through his roof and my mother-in-law had to be evacuated from her neighborhood, but they are letting us back in so we will see what kind of damage was done.

We have gas and mail now, and even the trash is running to help carry off the debris. Our crazies hit the stores pretty hard. The local Kroger's even put up signs "One loaf of bread and one bag of chips per family." Everyone was so excited when day before yesterday they got chicken in the meat department. I will be SO glad when this all gets back to normal.

Thank you again for all your help. I can't tell you how nice it is to sit in my living room after working hard all day cleaning up after this disaster, and smelling the lovely scents from your company (mix of vanilla, caramel, and apple). It is like getting a hug from my house."

- Suzanne Lumus
Baytown, Texas

"Between Yankee Candle, ROOT Candle, and Scentsy, I literally spends thousands of dollars each year. Thanks to Scentchips, I get to create my own scents from your wide selection. I absolutely LOVE your products, thank you so much!!!"

- Lorilee Massaroni

Los Lunas, New Mexico

"Dear Scentchips,

I want to let you know what a pleasure it is to work with your company; everybody is so friendly and helpful, it is such a refreshing experience!! The products are just tremendous, at least four members of my family are customers and all love your burners and Scentchips. I will continuing buying my friends your products as gifts so they too can enjoy the wonderful aromas and learn about your company.

It is now twice I have ordered on the internet and both times I messed up my order and had to make changes. Both times Larry has been overly generous in working with me. Liz has also been super helpful and gracious. I can not say enough good things about this company, the terrific product and the crew that work there."

Best Regards,

"Good Afternoon,

Recently my wife and I stopped in your La Villiata store in San Antonio. We purchased the Peaceful scent to try out. We have tried many companies and some were o.k., others not. We were surprised that we had gotten 5 tea light burns with the scent. We figured we would get two at best.

Thanks for a great product and before day's end we will be ordering more."

Thank you,
Steve and Laura

Bloomsbury, N.J.

Last February my friend and I were in San Antonio and were walking around La Villita Village. We saw the sign for making our own fragrance and were intrigued so we wandered in. Combining the various fragrances was fun and we ended up buying about a dozen boxes. It’s winter in Nebraska, our house is closed most of the time and the fragrance from the Scentchips fills the air. I absolutely loved finding your store, visiting with the staff, learning how to combine fragrances and bringing home your product. I will be placing another order soon. I don’t want to run out. Scentchips add a wonderful ambiance to our home."

Dr. Mullen

Lincoln, NE
"Dear Folks at Scentchips,
Thank you so much for the fast service and outstanding quality of your products! My cousin introduced me to Scentchips, and finally I was able to place an order. My home has the fragrance of a country cottage, thanks to your wax chips. Again, thank you to those employees who made sure that I received the quality expected. May all of you have a wonderful holiday, as you continue to make our homes refreshing and memorable."

Thank you,